Flux Capacitor – Time Travels Beer into Your Belly

Image from foodgps.com
Image from foodgps.com

Recently, I’ve had conversations with my beer loving friends about the stagnate state of the keg to glass systems used by most every bar out there. This archaic dinosaur from the colder-is-better popular pilsner era isn’t meant to handle the wide array of craft beers we enjoy in this time of enlightenment. To bring on the needed warms, I employ a basic ordering system of hitting two beers at a time, going for one I can drink cold while the other high-ABV imperial bomb warms up. Well, my crude and uncivilized methods could be a thing of the past due to a forward thinking bar owner named Gabe Gordon.

It may not look pretty, but that switchboard of steel and red tubing is dubbed the Flux Capacitor. It is made up of a series of individual tap lines that allow the beer server to dial in the PSI along with the CO2 and nitrogen mix for each line. This is important as carbonation isn’t consistent across styles and not every bar can or will adjust their mixture each time a new keg is tapped. Gabe has taken the additional step to store the beer in multiple coolers, setting each to the appropriate temperature for the style.  Current tap systems are typically kept universally cold, else you get nothing but a useless glass of foam.

While this Flux Capacitor only lets you time travel forward into a morning hangover, Doc Brown doesn’t even need to fall off his toilet to know this is a great innovation.

Original Wired Article: http://www.wired.com/2014/11/best-way-to-serve-beer/

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