DBRcast – Ep6 – Bourbon County Day

DBRcast Logo 5With the shadow of the baby looming, I held onto this episode for a diapered day, and here we are. We wax poetic about our Bourbon County day experiences (or lack thereof), I admit to (briefly) committing a crime, we talk about the two bottles of Rare we got from what was an illegal, incentivized raffle, and we (well me) reflect on the hypocrisy of looking at the BCBS release as a side show of super-hyped bullshit while fervently participating in it.

We finish by discussing the current state of Bourbon County in the hands of the InBev Empire (or is that the First Order now) and bond over Capone’s and the Black Friday event that keeps families together. It’s a magical, bourbon soaked, baby-banked episode of the DBRcast.

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

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Drink My Beer!

The baby Lily bottle share is on and I’m celebrating both the embiggening of my family (it’s a word, just ask the residents of Springfield) and my 6th anniversary of beer reviewing! On Feb. 26th at 7pm, I plan on cracking the beers below:


The-Lost-Abbey-logoLost Abbey – Veritas 015 (1 bottle)
This is a brewery only sour, made with apricots, nectarines, and peaches.



firestoneFirestone Walker – 15th Anniversary (1 bottle)
This is a 4 year old bottle of Firestone’s fantastic anniversary beer series. Teams of wine makers are given access to Firestone reserves, competing against each other to create the best barrel aged blends. For the 15th Anniversary blend, they used Helldarado, Sticky Monkey, Bravo, DDBA, Good Foot, Velvet Merkin, Parabola, and Double Jack.


abraxasPerennial – Abraxas (1 bottle)
A cinnamon stick, ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla bean imperial stout.



brew_14952Tree House Brewing – Green, That’s What She Said (1 can each)
The quintessential Tree House IPA, Green, along with their milk stout, That’s What She Said.  Both are 16 ouncers, so I’ll spread it out as best I can.


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Grimm Artisanal Ales – Purple Prose Review

IMG_2211All You Need to Know

Brewery: Grimm Artisanal Ales
Style: Wild Ale
ABV: 5.4%
My Cost: $14
Glassware: Tulip, Flute
Temp: 55°F (start at 45°F)
Availability: One Off
Purchased@: Hunger N Thirst

Quick Take: Purple Prose is a miss for me. The bitter, mineral seltzer finish just kills any positive vibes and leaves the impression of flavored mineral water. It’s an mf’er of a tart beer, but calling this a sour is overselling it. It’s gassy without the acidity and leaves an unpleasant feeling in the stomach. One of the biggest whiffs in recent memory.

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Baby (Diamonds) Pics!

IMG_2254If it seems like I’ve been slacking in my blogging duties as of late, it’s because as of Feb 1st I became a dad the second time over with this 7 pound 9 ounce bundle of distraction. I’ll be resuming beer duties shortly, but my focus is on this tiny handful for now (as it should be!) I will probably bust out a few goodies from the cellar in a small, public bottle share celebration to honor baby Lily, so stay tuned.

IMG_2273As I can’t let this this perfect opportunity for synergy pass by, I’ve paired the birth of my daughter with a can of Other Half’s Baby Diamonds session IPA.  Great, near Vermont beer flavors with a decent body for under 5%. Think Lawson’s Sip or Sunshine with less apricot/mandarin and a lighter finish. Perfect for a summer day with an ABV made for child-rearing (but for reals, don’t drink and parent you guys). Cheers!