Vermont Beer Travelogue – The Pillaging of Route 7

welcome-to-vermont-road-signVermont, a land of keeping it local to a level rarely seen apart from rampant inbreeding in the Ozarks. As the rest of the country shifts to farm fresh, locally-sourced food about as quick as a slug trying to free itself from a greased KFC bucket of molasses, Vermont’s been living it.

The OG of farm to table, they believe it, be it, eat it. This is a state that still has huge tracts of open land and a populace just under three quarters of a million protecting it. We saw a few chinks in that handmade armor over our three days, namely a LongHorn Steakhouse and McDonald’s, but the resistance is strong.

So yes, Vermont is a magical shire of mountain greenery that’ll make you want to dig in your roots and maintain your lawn (one of the main activities we observed). You may even be compelled to produce maple syrup and advertise it every five feet, but communing with nature isn’t what brought us to this land of hippies and trees.

We came to partake in a beer scene that fervently sticks to its oddly drawn borders. One where “distribution” is a dirty word, where locals buy up every brewed drop, and where  a couple thieving bastards from Pennsylvania can sometimes steal it away a case at a time (and with a little sloshing around in our guts). Here’s what we did and what you can do too.

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Vermont Beers for You – Now with 100% More for You-ness!

Vermont Triple PlayThe smoke has cleared, existing deals have been figured out and I now have a final count. It’s time to set my stockpile of yellow, silver and green cans to work as a commodity and trade them wantonly.

3 bundles are available consisting of 1 Heady Topper, 1 Sip of Sunshine, and 1 Second Fiddle with a potential for a 4th bundle from my personal supply should this prove popular and I get the right offer. If you are interested in a single can trade, I might be able to do that as well, so feel free to inquire.

So what do you need to do? Essentially, I’m interested in four things:

  1. 1:1 trade ratio (I give you 3 different beers, you give me 3 different beers)
  2. I’ve never had any of the three beers before (check my Untapp’d – drewsbrewsreviews)
  3. You think the beers you’re trading are good.
  4. If it’s an IPA, it’s fresh (the Vermont beers are a week old)

That’s pretty much it. You can either get in contact with me via Facebook or contact me directly via email: Include the 3 beers you are offering and a picture of a puppy (just for heart warms). If I get more than a couple offers, I’ll choose randomly to make it as fair as possible. I’ll probably cut this off around June 23rd and get in contact with the traders to set up the details. Yeah, beer!

Vermont Beer for You! – The Follow Up

FiddleHeadWe got back in PA late last night after a hell of a beer trip. Exhausting, but it really could not have gone better. I’ll do a more detailed write-up of the places and people that made this trip great, but for now, big thanks to Vermont and its near universal embracing of the locally-sourced, “local is better” philosophy. Everyone should be so lucky as to give her a visit.

For those that are interested in getting their hands on some of the beer we brought back, once I determine what is going out to existing trades, I’ll post on my blog and Facebook what I have available. It will probably be a limited few 3 packs (1 Heady, 1 Sip, and 1 Second Fiddle). As to spread it around, and that is the point of this, I won’t be trading for 4pks of any single beer.

As I previously mentioned, I’m just looking for 1:1 trades of 3 different beers that I haven’t had before (check my Untappd – drewsbrewsreviews – for the full list). I’ll provide the details ASAP to get these to you as fresh as possible. More to come soon!

Caldera Brewing – Mogli Review

Mogli 2All You Need to Know

Brewery: Caldera Brewing
Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 8.5%
Cost: $18.99 (bomber)
Glassware: Pint, Teku
Temp: 50-55°F
Availability: Varies
Purchased@: Craft Shack

Quick Take: Mogli is a beer for people that love to huff chocolate, but like their beer flavors mellow and drinkable. While I like my chocolate beers rich and full of velvet Elvis, plenty will appreciate the porter first mentality that keeps the traditional elements from being crushed under a choco-lanche. For me, the spectacular nose didn’t quite follow through to the taste, but this is a beer that does its namesake proud.

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