dbr 3Drew’s Brews Reviews is a blog I decided to start up with a focus on being inclusive and educational. I’ve been reviewing and talking about beer for three years now through a previous blog and have personally reviewed 1000+ to date. I love all beer styles, though not the biggest fan of overly-malted English pub beers, and I rarely try the same beer twice. I seek out the new and interesting based on my own tastes and via word of mouth from the great bar and bottle shop owners I’ve come to know. This blog is meant to share those experiences with like-minded and casual beer drinkers that want to know more about beer without the elitism that the beer community can foster. I’m constantly educating myself through beer tasting and research which I will share here. That is what this blog is about.

To that end, I’ll not only review beers from around the world, but talk about the bars, bottle shops, and the people in and around the Lancaster PA area that make this such a kick-ass beer scene. I plan on sharing and talking about all the places I love to visit, the great beers and breweries I try on the way, and the most anticipated annual beer releases. Pretty much anything I’m excited about as a practicing beer hunter. I’m always on a quest to find rare, hard to find beers and the local diamonds in the rough. This also means I’m always open for suggestions of new beers to try or places to visit, so post your recommendations! You can also follow me on Untappd (drewsbrewsreviews).

For me, beer is a social drink that is meant to be shared, discussed, and enjoyed. So if you see me out at the bar, chances are I have a bottle of something that I’d love to share, so don’t be afraid to ask.


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