DBRcast – Ep5 – Beer Year in Review 2015 – Part 2 – (Highlights)

DBRcast Logo 5 It’s Part 2 of DBR’s beer year in review. We’re joined by Oscar, a gassy Boston Terrier, and fellow beer enthusiast Elisha, fresh off a work shift and near comatose. We cast off the bad and focus on the delicious good of 2015. We also take time to do some wild speculating into the year 2016, discussing possible beer trends and our made-up beer innovations of the future. It’s our year in kick-ass beer, 2015.

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

DBRcast Archive: DBRCast – Ep5 – Beer Year in Review 2015 – Part 2 (Highlights)
Beer Nerds: Drew Hikes, Chris Meck, Elisha, Oscar (the dog)

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