DBRcast Minisode – New Holland Brewing – Dragon’s Milk w/ Toasted Chilies

DBRcast Logo 5It’s been awhile, but this was actually recorded the same night as the Mastermind mini ep. Someday this baby will allow for a proper episode (though I did get a rambling, 3 hour mess of one I’m editing now), but til then I’ll keep rolling out the reviews. Next up are some we did during the New Year’s countdown, so timely stuff.

Anyway, for this mini we weigh in on the Toasted Chilies variant of Dragon’s Milk, compare it to the original, and briefly touch on which of the four variants is worth your time. All in under 9 minutes!

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

DBRcast Archive: DBRCast Minisode – New Holland – Dragon’s Milk w/ Toasted Chilies
Beer Nerds: Drew Hikes, Drew Tyson, and Ken Daily

The Breakdown
0:00 – 1:33 – We mention Tace Bell and try the beer
1:33 – 3:18 – We drone on about the chili heat
3:18 – 5:13 – Beer breakdown and how to pour this
5:13 –  8:20 – Comparison to Dragon’s Milk and Rec

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