Avery Brewing Co – Fortuna Review

FortunaAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Avery Brewing Co.
Style: Wild Ale
ABV: 8.1%
My Cost: $16 (12oz)
Glassware: Tulip, Flute
Temp: 45°F
Availability: One Off
Purchased@: Friendly Greek

Quick Take: Fortuna isn’t the best sour I’ve had, but it’s pretty refreshing and rises above the gimmicky inspiration. It has a salivating saltiness that makes you want to go back as your thirst is never quite satisfied. Cost is a concern and I can’t see me getting this over a kriek or standard sour, but great change of pace beer and absolutely worth it where cost is not a concern.

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Episode 15 – Westbrook Brewing – Gose

Episode 15 of Drew’s Brews Reviews is here! The beer review show you never knew you wanted and no one needs. I take it easy with Westbrook’s drinkable Gose after a long break from the world of video beer reviewing. I took some time off to develop written content on my Web site, so I was gone a bit longer than I wanted. But I’m back and ready to man up with a sour beer from those mavericks of South Carolina. My face didn’t quite implode in on itself to create a black hole singularity, but the salt and sour makes for one hell of a puckering beer.

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Mikkeller – Hues 2014 Review

HuesAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Mikkeller
Style: Gueuze
ABV: 5%
Cost: $12 (12.7oz)
Glassware: Flute (Hefeweizen Used)
Temp: 45°F
Availability: Various Times
Purchased@: State Line Liquors

Quick Take: This is a sour beer that keeps the alcohol under control, features the classic elements of the style, and doesn’t overindulge. This also means that the flavors aren’t particularly deep or complex, but it makes for a good drinkin’ not thinkin’ beer. It’s ideal as a starter Gueuze for the craft beer-ers that are just dipping their toes into the sour waters.

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Beer Styles – Gose vs. Gueuze

Gose and GueuzeIf you’ve ever been out roaming among the beer hipsters of the beer-iverse, you’ve probably heard plenty of chatter about sour beers. While it seems like a conversation in an encrypted WWII language made to fool the Nazi’s, not everything us beer hipsters say is nonsense. Sour beers are a stronghold of the beer hipster, so if you want to stand any chance of finding out about or discussing the newest sours to hit the local beer shoppes, you need to know your styles. This will only focus on a small part of the sour beer world, but step one is pronunciation.

G-oh-suh (as in Van Gogh with a “suh” at the end)

G-er-zah (if you’re Belgian);
Goo-zuh (if you’re nasty);
G-oo-z (as in “goo” with a marketing firm’s urban “z” at the end)

So the terms sound similar and no one can entirely agree on the pronunciation, but dammit they do have real meaning! Those meanings may not be entirely different as a Gose and Gueuze are basically sour cousins, but there are a few distinctions. Those distinctions are sussed out in the brew process, so lets explore both to see where the paths in this wood diverge.

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