Episode 15 – Westbrook Brewing – Gose

Episode 15 of Drew’s Brews Reviews is here! The beer review show you never knew you wanted and no one needs. I take it easy with Westbrook’s drinkable Gose after a long break from the world of video beer reviewing. I took some time off to develop written content on my Web site, so I was gone a bit longer than I wanted. But I’m back and ready to man up with a sour beer from those mavericks of South Carolina. My face didn’t quite implode in on itself to create a black hole singularity, but the salt and sour makes for one hell of a puckering beer.

Bonus Note: I cut this one down to the essentials as I know your time is valuable. Plus, I had some audio difficult which forced me to cut out large chunks of the video. I fixed the rest through Audition, so apologies if it sounds a little off or muffled. There are a few instances where the interference comes through, but it only happens noticeably a few times.

Ep 16 – Something – Beer (Available I Dunno)

Theme Song: Sonny J – Enfant Terrible

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