Last Week in Untappd – 10/27 – 11/3

This is a highlight of beers I’ve Untappd (drewsbrewsreviews) over the past week at bars and friends houses where I wasn’t able to do a full write up. I had a lot to choose from this week as I got to try a whole bushel of good beers. A bushel I tell you!

GozuWestbrook – Gozu
Location: Friend’s Apartment
Style: Gose (with yuzu juice)
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: Mandarin, floral, coriander, wheat aroma, acidic, salty, tart-gasmicly intense, bright vinous citrus. Acid bath. Woo! My tongue is crying

Additional Thoughts: Some great flavors here, but an incredibly intense tart bomb the sucks the saliva from your mouth. I’m not a big fan of acidic, tart drinks, alcoholic or not, so this could bump up a full point if you enjoy that taste sensation. Much thanks to Elisha for the opportunity to try this.

Good GourdCigar City – Good Gourd
Location: Side Bar (West Chester)
Style: Imperial Pumpkin
Score: 4.5/5
Original Comment: Brown sugar, graham cracker, earthy gourd aroma, spice, sweet malts, syrupy body, vanilla/graham. Maybe best pump beer?

Additional Thoughts: This beer shares many qualities with Pumking, but has a heavier malt body and a better emphasis of the pumpkin flavors. It is spiced, but it’s done to enhance the beer rather than poured in to cover up the beer’s weaknesses. Absolutely delicious beer and probably my favorite pumpkin beer. I’ll have to track it down at least one more time to verify my love, but I’m definitely smitten.

Zombie Dust Three Floyds – Zombie Dust
Location: Bar (bottle share)
Style: Pale Ale
Score: 4/5
Original Comment: Near toasty grain, citrus, floral, hop blossom aroma, soft mf, it is a light touch pale with some floral hop bitterness. Damn fine beer and a delicious summer drinker

Additional Thoughts: Very light, almost airy beer that is crisp in flavor but a soft mouth feel. Tastes like hops and flowers were soaked in this, allowing an aromatic bitterness to bubble under the surface. Not a face melter and a rather delicate beer. Glad to have it and will certainly drink it again, but I’m not banging against the lock doors and boarded up windows of the brewery for more. Note: Glassware was limited that night, which is why we drank this out of a tumbler. I know, a slight against the beer gods and hopefully I will be forgiven.

Rufus CorvusAvery – Rufus Corvus
Location: Bar (bottle share)
Style: Barrel-Aged Sour/Wild
Score: 4/5
Original Comment: Dark malt, sour berry, metallic, vinous aroma, huge, tart, hint of vinegar, raisin, some blended wood. Big sour hit that fins dry. Damn

Additional Thoughts: I tend to like my sours dark and wood blended rather than acidicly bright, tart bombs, so this is my type of sour. Rufus is one of the better sours I’ve had, but doesn’t do enough to separate itself from other dark sours, like St. Bon Chien, to justify the $17 expense. I will say that it’s worth the money to at least try it, but you might want to get someone else to pay for it.

Lilikoi KepoloAvery – Lilikoi Kepolo
Location: Bulls Head Pub
Style: Wit (w/ passion fruit)
Score: 4/5
Original Comment: Creamy passion fruit/ acidic orange aroma, bready malt and seltzer carb blends with tart flair of juicy, tropical fruit. Delicious wit.

Additional Thoughts: On reflection, this may be my favorite Wit outside of Tired Hands. The drier tropical passion fruit works well with the bready and tart to create a balanced mix of flavors while still having depth, something very few Wits can claim.

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