DBRcast – Ep1 – Vermont IPA Showdown

DBRcast Logo 5Straight from the DBR bar, we have our first blind taste test podcast. Why a podcast? Because there are never enough! And I’m too lazy to write up the results and, bonus, I already have the equipment.

We have a good reason too, having just come back from Vermont with some of the top IPAs in the country. Namely, the renown Heady Topper, Sip of Sunshine, and up-and-comer Second Fiddle. With all of these at our disposal, we naturally arrived at the only question that matters. To paraphrase Iron Chef, which one reigns supreme?

As arbitrary as pointing out a “best IPA” really can be, we decided to give it a go by pitting four beer nerd palates against 3 of Vermont’s finest and 5 local mystery IPAs (done more to confuse our palates for the big 3) in a blind showdown.

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

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The Alchemist – Heady Topper Review

Episode 10 of Drew’s Brews Reviews is here! The beer review show you never knew you wanted and no one needs. It’s an IPA time of year I guess as I down yet another bitter-tastic beer, but this is the top hop juice in the world, Heady Topper! At least it was at the time I recorded the review. This is a banked episode that I held onto for a few weeks, which forced me to adjust some information therein, so apologies for that.

I will say that I’m glad to see this review released as beer blog law states that Heady Topper must be reviewed lest I be cast into the malted wastelands and pitted against Lord Humungus in vicious bourbon barrel-aged combat for my crimes against beer blogdom and the blog-o-sphere. Yeah, everyone reviews this.

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A Different Kind of Beer Blog

It’s my goal through this blog to not only review beers from around the world, but talk about the bars, bottle shops, and the people in and around the Lancaster PA area that make this such a kick-ass beer scene. I plan on sharing and talking about all the places I love to visit, the great beers and breweries I try on the way, and the most anticipated annual beer releases. Pretty much anything I’m excited about as a practicing beer hunter. I’m always on a quest to find rare, hard to find beers and the local diamonds in the rough. This also means I’m always open for suggestions of new beers to try or places to visit, so post your recommendations!