DBRcast – Ep7 – Travelogue – Adroit Theory and Virginia Breweries

DBRcast Logo 5In a shocking turn of events, the whole crew plus two get together over the Memorial Day weekend to talk about one of our own’s recent trip to Virginia. To punctuate the babble, we try several Adroit Theory brews and weigh in on the more metal than metal brewing company. There’s talk of Stable Craft, Backroom, and a few other brewers that make the Mid-Atlantic beer scene great.

We follow this up with a brief cross-examination of Ken’s trip to Chicago with the family that yields little-to-no relevant information. It’s a magically conversation that no beer lover should miss.

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

DBRcast Archive: DBRCast – Ep7 – Travelogue – Adroit Theory and Virginia Breweries
Beer Nerds: Drew, Ken, Chris, Drew Too, Sarah, Elisha

Break Down:
0-8:50 – Adroit Theory Talk
8:50-11:30 – Ortolan Bunting (Armagnac Barrel Strong Ale)
11:30-18:00 – More Adroit Theory Talk
18:00-23:00 – Blvck Celebration (Whiskey Barrel Imperial Porter)
23:00-26:30  – Virginia Breweries Talk
26:30- 30:45 – Blvck Celebration (Rum Barrel Imperial Porter)
30:45 – 40:00 – Chicago Beer Talk

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