Last Week in Untappd – 11/2 – 11/9

The Untappd (drewsbrewsreviews) beer highlights continue with a fresh batch of checked in beers from the fantastic beer bars of Lancaster. I had plans for bigger beers, but it ended up being a bit of a slow week.

Hunger and Thirst Saison CollantBullfrog – Hunger-N-Thirst Saison Collant
Location: Hunger-N-Thirst
Style: Sasion
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: Lactose, toasty grain, musty grass, cat pissy aroma-creamy lemon, dry toasty skunky finish. Very New England saison. Impressed!

Additional Thoughts: This one completely surprised me. I’ve had numerous beers from Bullfrog and all have been serviceable, but unremarkable. This is the first that caused me to take notice, and it’s a one off collaboration with a Lancaster beer bar, using hops grown by the owner. With Saison Collant, Bullfrog isn’t afraid to utilize complex, and sometimes unpleasant, farmhouse qualities, give it some body, and apply some bold hopping. I look forward to future collaborations.

Grapefruit Sculpin 2Ballast Point – Grapefruit Sculpin
Location: Bar (bottle I brought)
Style: IPA
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: Grapefruit/fruity pebbles and resin aroma, clean, crisp grapefruit, resin and grass. Better out of bottle than on draft in my experience.

Additional Thoughts: This is a situation where, a few weeks ago, I had this beer on tap the day it was tapped, and found it to be an overwhelmingly bitter grapefruit peel experience that I didn’t care for in the least. Now, I’ve had a fresh bottle and found way more balance. A crisp grapefruit and resin backbone along with a surprisingly strong floral note makes for a much more enjoyable beer, I get the hype  now, but still prefer the original.

Blizzard of HopsTroegs – Blizzard of Hops
Location: Hunger-N-Thirst
Style: Winter IPA
Score: 3/5
Original Comment: Citrus, resin, floral hand soap. Sudsy coating, oily/med mf, slow burn bitter, slight sweet, resin. Clean/crisp finish. Not much IPA. Meh

Additional Thoughts: There is a bit of hype surrounding this one, which I didn’t find out about until after I had it. I’m not sure what I’m missing, but very average beer that made little impression. Maybe I’m been spoiled by some pretty great high profile IPAs lately, but I’ll get the chance to try this one again. This could be a rare, better-in-the-bottle situation.

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