Drink My Beer!

The baby Lily bottle share is on and I’m celebrating both the embiggening of my family (it’s a word, just ask the residents of Springfield) and my 6th anniversary of beer reviewing! On Feb. 26th at 7pm, I plan on cracking the beers below:


The-Lost-Abbey-logoLost Abbey – Veritas 015 (1 bottle)
This is a brewery only sour, made with apricots, nectarines, and peaches.



firestoneFirestone Walker – 15th Anniversary (1 bottle)
This is a 4 year old bottle of Firestone’s fantastic anniversary beer series. Teams of wine makers are given access to Firestone reserves, competing against each other to create the best barrel aged blends. For the 15th Anniversary blend, they used Helldarado, Sticky Monkey, Bravo, DDBA, Good Foot, Velvet Merkin, Parabola, and Double Jack.


abraxasPerennial – Abraxas (1 bottle)
A cinnamon stick, ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla bean imperial stout.



brew_14952Tree House Brewing – Green, That’s What She Said (1 can each)
The quintessential Tree House IPA, Green, along with their milk stout, That’s What She Said.  Both are 16 ouncers, so I’ll spread it out as best I can.



When: February 26th, 7:00pm
Where: Railroad House Inn/Perry Street Cellar (Marietta)

I have no idea what kind of interest there may be, but even if it’s just me and the bartender, these beers are getting opened. Either leave a comment here or message me directly (drewsbrewsreviews@gmail.com) if you are going to stop by so I have an idea who’s coming. If you really want to bring a bottle, I’m not going to stop you, but make sure to buy a beer or two and maybe some food to thank the establishment for hosting. All I ask in return is you follow my blog in some form and maybe turn some other beer nerds on to it.

Additionally, if there seems to be enough interest, I’ll break out one or more of the bottles below. Vote for which beer you want to try on the Website side bar. Whichever one gets the most votes is getting opened! Hope to see you there!


Vote on These

Terrapin – French Toasted Wake-n-Bake (1 bottle – 2014)

  • A coffee, oatmeal stout, with notes of maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon. The wax sealed top is even scented like french toast.

East End – Gratitude (1 bottle – 2015)

  • A limited edition barley wine that commemorates the anniversary of East End brewing in Pittsburgh.

Great Divide – Whiskey Barrel-Aged Yeti (1 bottle – 2015)

  • One of my favorite beers of the past few months, this chocolaty beast is a monster stout that is my personal favorite from Great Divide. Read the review if you want to know more.

Trillium – Pier (1 bottle – 2015)

  • A hopped pale wheat beer with a fluffy, sweet wheat body and citrus, tropical fruits.

The Bruery – Melange #3 (1 bottle – 2015)

  • A blend of The Bruery’s Black Tuesday, White Oak, and Anniversary ale.

Clown Shoes – Pierre Ferrand Billionaire (1 bottle – 2015)

  • An English style barley wine aged on Pierre Ferrand cognac barrels.

Grassroots (Hill Farmstead) – Brother Soigne (1 bottle – 2015)

  • Brewed with Lafontaine of Dieu du Ciel, this is a blood orange, lime, hibiscus saison.



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