Baby (Diamonds) Pics!

IMG_2254If it seems like I’ve been slacking in my blogging duties as of late, it’s because as of Feb 1st I became a dad the second time over with this 7 pound 9 ounce bundle of distraction. I’ll be resuming beer duties shortly, but my focus is on this tiny handful for now (as it should be!) I will probably bust out a few goodies from the cellar in a small, public bottle share celebration to honor baby Lily, so stay tuned.

IMG_2273As I can’t let this this perfect opportunity for synergy pass by, I’ve paired the birth of my daughter with a can of Other Half’s Baby Diamonds session IPA.  Great, near Vermont beer flavors with a decent body for under 5%. Think Lawson’s Sip or Sunshine with less apricot/mandarin and a lighter finish. Perfect for a summer day with an ABV made for child-rearing (but for reals, don’t drink and parent you guys). Cheers!

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