Home Brewing – Just the Tips

HomeBrewPoster1I’m far from a prolific home brewer (yet), but I’ve brewed several batches with moderate success and every time I’ve learned something new about the science of brewing, We, i.e. dad and I, recently completed home brewing our summer beer, an orange zest and coriander Wit and we are patiently waiting for the carbonation to fully kick in. The fermentation process got a bit explosive (our bubbler got clogged from the orange zest and coriander, blowing the top of the fermenting bucket twice), but I think we fixed a few of our previous mistakes. Mistakes that involve bacteria running rampant through our Pliny the Elder clone because our bottles weren’t clean. Oops!

Nothing is more disappointing than waiting a month to taste your hard work only to get a mouthful of bitter, peachy cardboard. At least we got three good bottles… Anyway, if you are thinking of brewing up a kit or two to see what the home brewing fuss is all about, check out these 10 tips from the BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog. Just remember, the majority of your time will be spent cleaning, sanitizing (oh the sanitizing!) and waiting.

Top Ten Home Brewing Tips

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