Episode 11 – Great Lakes – Chillwave

Episode 11 of Drew’s Brews Reviews is here! The beer review show you never knew you wanted and no one needs. The IPA train keeps on rolling and here comes Chillwave, a beer released in February, that I drank in April, and I’m finally finishing the review in practically June. Sigh… Anyway, even though this is not a beer readily available at this time, I thought it is one worth talking about. People are probably a little sick of the West Coast IPAs at this point, but there is room to discuss at least one more before we slip into the summer months, which is of course Coors country. Thank you for existing Coors Light Summer Brew…thank you.

Bonus Note: This one is pretty straight forward and bonus free, which in and of itself is its own kind of bonus. I believe a rift just opened in the beer review-niverse.

Ep 12 — Deschutes Mirror, Mirror or Southern Tier’s Fusebox (Available Soonish)

Theme Song: Sonny J — Enfant Terrible (Drew Edit)

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