Prairie Artisan Ales – Funky Gold Amarillo Review

Prairie - Funky GoldAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Prairie Artisan
Style: Wild Ale
ABV: 7.5%
Cost: $10 (500ml)
Glassware: Tulip
Temp: 45ºF
Availability: Limited
Purchased@: Nope – Bottle Share

Quick Take: Funky Gold is a mildly complex summer sour drinker that is worth keeping around for when the mood strikes. I could see returning to it when I want a refreshing sour hit without the acidic bite. The gassiness  and mid-range ABV keeps this  from being a sessionable beer along the lines of a Gose, but a single bottle over an evening seems about right.

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3 Fonteinen – Oude Gueuze Review

3 Fonteinen Old GeuezeAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Drei Fonteinen
Style: Gueuze
ABV: 6%
Cost: $22 (750ml)
Glassware: Flute/Champagne
Temp: 55°F
Availability: Year Round
Purchased@: Hunger-n-Thirst

Quick Take: I’ve never had a beer that marries an aroma and taste so perfectly like Drei Fonteinen’s Oude Gueuze. Amazing follow through creates a near perfect sour/barnyard Gueuze that goes to the precipice of excess and lets your taste buds dance along the cliff edge. This is my current sour benchmark and the absolute pinnacle of sours for me, even over Cantillon.

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