Dry vs. Wet-Hopped – What’s the Difference?

The Devil of Hops!

I’m sure many of us have been out, enjoying some fine brews at an establishment and notice a chalk scrawled menu board that proudly claims that this here IPA has been “dry-hopped” or a bar’s Facebook post the boasts, “Zomg, wet-hopped beer on tap, fresher than your dad on prom night!” Either way, we coo, we ahh, we greedily drink it down and proclaim it to be a superior IPA, but what does any of that mean? Aren’t all hops wet when added to the beer? Do they even have anything to do with each other and why does it matter? Before getting into the whats-a-who of each, we should know that dry and wet are two completely different things in beer as they are in life. Well, not completely, both involve hops, but one is a process while the other is a descriptor.

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