DBRcast – Ep4 – Dark Lord 2012 vs Mephistopheles 2012

DBRcast Logo 5During an evening among friends, I finally broke out my 2012 aged Dark Lord, one of the first “big beers” I ever acquired, and we taste if it was worth the time and expense. I also happened to have a 2012 Mephistopheles chilled for that evening, so we pop it to compare these two big Russian Imperials and get a better perspective on the Dark Lord hype.

I’m joined on this 20 minute odyssey by my brother, Ryan, and our friend Tom from Pints of Interest fame, a beer novice Josh, and regular DBRcast member Chris.

Warning: This here podcast contains the salty language, so delicate ears need not apply.

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Keeping Beer – The Cellar Way

21As an avid cellarer (fun word!) this is an informative article on craftbeer.com that goes over the ins and outs of cellaring. I can say from experience that a properly aged beer can yield spectacular results you won’t soon forget. Ever since I tried a three-year-old Avery Mephistopheles in 2012, I’ve been chasing that dragon and aging 15-20 beers in hopes of getting an experience that is half as good. I know this is paltry compared to the 100’s of beers that others age, but I’m pretty selective and most times I can only get a limited quantity of a beer that I think is worth keeping around.

I probably won’t dip into the fruits of my patience until 2015 when my dad retires (a 2012 Dark Lord and 2012 Parabola), but it’ll be worth the wait. I still need to update the Beer Cellar section of DBR with the full roster, but my collection is comprised of mostly higher ABV barley wines, imperial stouts, and wild/sour beers.

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