Anchorage Brewing – Bitter Monk Review

Anchorage Bitter MonkAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Anchorage Brewing
Style: Belgian DIPA
ABV: 9%
Cost: $18 (22oz)
Glassware: Tulip
Temp: 50°F
Availability: Year Round? (not sure)
Purchased@: Teresa’s Next Door Bar

Quick Take: Anchorage has created a chardonnay-barreled, Belgian IPA with brett that is both unique AND well-crafted. The vinous qualities and brett really take this beyond the humble roots of the style. If drank too cold or fast, I could see missing the subtle elements and not thinking much of it. Take some time with this beer and you’ll find a surprisingly refined, complex beer that is a highlight of the Belgian IPA style.

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