Why that Bourbon Beer was Better Last Year

Burbon_Barrel1If you’ve been to a big beer release of a popular bourbon barrel-aged beer, let’s say Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout, you’ve probably overheard some craft beer types proclaiming “it was better last year” or something of the like. Pro Tip: If you encounter a herd of craft beer hipsters like me in the wild, just mutter “Last years was better” and take a long, self-satisfied sip off whatever unpronounceable Belgian you’re pretending to like and bask in the bearded nods of approval.

First off, we have to acknowledge that whatever beer it is, no matter how good this years beer is, a remembered beer always tastes best. The bias of memory and a year’s worth of beer tasting and palate expanding can change just as much as the beer. While the concept that last year’s version of a beer is better might seem like beer snobbery of the highest regard, and sometimes it is, there is some legitimacy to this.

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