DBR’s Guide to Philly Beer Week 2016 – (June 3rd – June 12th)

philly-beer-week-pbw-400As a stay at home dude that takes care of two kids and works a full time job, I naturally found myself with far too much time on my hands. Trying to fill the empty void of my days, I decided to go through every single Philly Beer Week event advertised to this point and figure out the best of the best. These are the ones that will rouse me off the couch to give-up my meaningless days soaking up bon-bons and day time soaps (my condolences if your old enough to understand the stereotypes I’m referencing).

My methodology was to focus on uncommon, rare or fantastical beers that aren’t your everyday drinkers. While taps taken over by Tröegs, Victory, Tired Hands and the avalanche of other great local brewers have their place, that stuff is practically flowing from the faucets around Philly.

This list is what I have up to May 24th and will continue to evolve. While I limited my search to publicly announced events, I’m sure plenty of the best beer bars in town will hold back details in an effort to reward the regulars and surprise those lucky enough to stop in. Hopefully, I’ll be adding some of the missing biggies soon (my thirsty beer eyes are on YOU Capone’s, TJ’s and Strangeloves).

If you know of an event I missed, give me a heads-up and I’ll add it. Also, if you like your beer bourbon-barreled and don’t mind heading out of the city proper, it looks like June 10th is your best bet. Sour drinkers have a bunch of worthy events, but June 3rd and June 8th are made for you. Happy hunting!

June 3rd

  • Gose Gone Wild Event – 11:30am
    • Brauhaus Schmitz (718 South Street) – 10 rare German Goses, the land that pioneered the style. It’s a gamble as there are no specifics, but you can hang out in worse places than a traditional beer hall brimming with the best of German imports.
        • Beers: 10 Goses of Mystery
    • Sour Beer Event – 12:00pm
      • Bottle Bar East (1308 Frankford Ave) – Another vague event lacking specific beers, but more than 16 taps of sour beer is practically guaranteed to have something worthwhile.
          • Beers: Intangible Ales – Au Ra / Lolita / Juliet / Almanac – Pluot / Almanac – Blueberry / Almanac – Azacca / Bullfrong – Jong Bruin Kriek / Cascade – Apricot Ale / BeerBrugna – LoverBeer / BFM – St. Bon-Chien / Alvinne Omega / Wild Beer – BITE Bake Well / BFM – √225 / Drie Fonteinen – Zwet.Be / Proefbrouwerij – Sour Barrel #3 / Wild Beer – Modus Vivendi / Bruery – Gypsy Tart / Snuttynose – Kisses & Kittens / Bell’s – Wild One / BOMBrewery = Triporteur Kinky Berry / Allagash – ASTRID
    • Sour Flight & Bottle – 5:00pm
      • BeerLOVE (714 S. 4th Street) – Yet another sour event, but the opening day is dominated with Kick the Keg events to make way for the Beer Week beers to flow. This one has at least a list of breweries.
          • Beers: Allagash / Almanac / Alvinne / BFM / Brouwerij Verhaeghe / De Proef / Goose Island / New Belgium / Penn Brewing / Prairie Artisinal Ales / Timmermans, Trinity / Weyerbacher / Wild Beer Company
    • Bullfrog Tap Takeover – 7:00pm
      • Jon’s Bar and Grille – (300 South Street) – While Bullfrog is local, this is worth noting as several Grrz will be on tap, which is a barrel-aged sour that regularly goes for $40ish a bottle. I enjoy Grrz, but can’t say any I’ve had have been quite worth that cost, so what better way than tasting by the glass.
          • Beers: Grrz  Framboise / Le Roar Grrrz / BA Funny Farmhouse with blackberries and raspberries / BA Funny Farmhouse / Jong Bruin Kriek / Edgar / Hopsphicitration Grapefruit / Captain Drinkable

    June 4th

    • Firestone Walker Brunch – 11:30am
      • Fergie’s Pub (1400 Ramada Dr.) – The worth here is probably questionable in the Philly area where Firestone makes a decent showing. For those that don’t get it often, this is worth it for the Bretta Rose and Sucaba alone.
          • Beers: Bretta Rose / Luponic Distortion / Sucaba / Unfiltered DBA / Wookey Jack
    • Dinner with Weyerbacher – 6:00pm
      • The Industry (1401 E Moyamensing Ave) – Another local brewery event, but day two is a little thin on events and the Woodford Reserve Insanity is worth trying.
          • Beers: Woodford Reserve Insanity / Blood Orange Tarte Nouveau / Jester’s Choice #5 / Apricot Last Chance / Tango

    June 5th

    • Nothing new of note, but most of the events from the 3rd and 4th continue.


    June 6th

    • Kane Tap Takeover – 11:00am
      • Uno Pizzeria – Hamilton NJ (225 Sloan Ave) – Odd location, but plenty of beers to make this worthwhile. Just north of Trenton makes this a haul for Philadelph-ites and questionable to include in a “Philly Beer Week”, but the taps are intriguing enough make this worth hitting.
          • Beers: Morning Bell / Vengeful Heart / Coconut Port Omna / Simplicity / Sunday Brunch / Hop Lab – Citra Pale / Hop Lab – TBD / Sacre Coue Quad / Head High / Over Head
    • Lost Abbey/Port Takeover – 5:00pm
      • Jon’s Bar and Grille (300 South Street) – Co-founder and brewer Tomme Arthur will be in attendance for this pretty extensive taplist.
          • Beers: Track 8 / Cuvee De Tomme / Red Poppy / BA Santa’s Little Helper / Brandy Angel’s Share / Glenn’s Pain in the Ass IPA / Framboise De Amorosa / Agave Maria / Sour De Lost Abbey / Dawn Patrol / Board Meeting
    • Omme’Gash is’t Alla’gang – 5:00pm
      • Good Dog (224 S 15th St) – Great bar that always has some goodies stashed. Even if only a few of these beers tickle your liver, there are bound to be a few bottles on hand worth a try.
          • Beers: Ommegang Rosetta / Glimmerglass Saison / Gnomegang / Three Philosophers / Great Beyond Double IPA / Allagash Astrid / Hive 65 / Victoria / Victor / White
    • Founder’s Dinner – 8:00pm
      • South Philly Tap Room (1509 Mifflin St) – Whether it is worth the $100 buy in for a multi-course dinner is up to you, but plenty to like for Founder’s fans. I’d avoid that Mango Magnifico at all costs though.
          • Beers: KBS 2015 / KBS 2016 / PC Pilsner / Mosaic Promise / Curmudgeon / Imperial Stout / Mango Magnifico / Rubaeus / All Day / Porter / Nitro Pale / Sumatra Mt. Brown / Project Pam

    June 7th

    • The Maine Event – 11:00am
      • Uno Pizzeria – Hamilton NJ (225 Sloan Ave) – Again, pretty far out from Philly to be easily accessible, but if you don’t mind traveling or are already out that way, a slew of good beers from two of Maine’s best, Maine Beer Co. and Allagash.
          • Beers: Lunch / Nitro Mean Old Tom / Another One / Peeper / Mo / Maine-Heavy Seas Partner Ships Red IPA / Klippenstein / Confluence / Avance / Tiarna / Midnight Brett / Aventureux / Nancy / Golden Brett / Uncommon Cow / White / Curieux
    • Too Many Cooks Beer Dinner – 6:30pm
      • Sancho Pistola’s (19 E Girald Ave) – Another pricey beer pairing dinner at $125, but I would absolutely be there if I was able. 9 chefs, 9 courses, and 9 beers. Pre-purchase tickets via email (caseywayneparker@gmail.com) or phone (267-324-3530).
          • Beers: Bell’s Wild One / Cantillon Iris / Oxbow Continental / La Roja 2014 / Russian River Blind Pig / Avery Fortuna / Jack’s Abby Framinghammer / Bagby Beer Co. Dinkus / Captain Lawrence Frost Monster / Southern Tier Rum Barrel Pumking

    June 8th

    • A Handful of New Beers – 11:30am
      • Brauhaus Schmitz (718 South St) – If you’re adventurous and don’t mind taking a shot on 5 random German beers, I can think of a worse way to spend your lunch hour.
          • Beers: 5 beers of mystery
    • Get Your Pucker On – 12:00pm
      • Bainbridge Street Barrel House (625 S 6th St) – While lite on specific beers, there are several unique and quite expensive sour brewers that are worth stopping in.
          • Beers: Cascade / Almanac / Destihl / Trinity / Buxton / Magic Rock
    • Firestone Walker Tap Takover – 7:00pm
      • Good Dog (224 S 15th St) – This is one that would get my sour drinking ass off the couch as I’ve been wanting to try Firestone’s sours for quite some time. With minor effort, I’ve had two, but never this many at one location. For those that attend, I’m totally jelly.
          • Beers: Bretta Weisse / Bretta Rose / Krieky Bones / La Piccola Virtuoso / La Piccola Di Sichuan / Unfiltered DBA / Union Jack / Helldorado / Easy Jack / Pivo Pils

    June 9th

    • Bell’s BBQ – 5:00pm
      • American Sardine Bar (1800 Federal St) – I wasn’t even aware that an alternate version of Hopslam existed. Rare Bell’s and BBQ? Just might have to head into the city after that Parabola.
          • Beers: Hop Grandslam / Wild One / Mango Habanero Oberon
    • Jack’s Abby Takeover/Cornhole – 7:00pm
      • Jon’s Bar and Grille (300 South Street) – Not really a spectacular beer list, but enough that people new to Jack’s Abby may want to mosey in and get a nice variety of styles.
          • Beers: Vienna Lager / Red Tape / Barrel-Aged Framinghammer / Cranberry Berliner / Excess IPL

    June 10th

    • Big Wood Annual Tap Takeover – 11:00am
      • Uno Pizzeria – Hamilton NJ (225 Sloan Ave) – I don’t know what is going on at the Uno franchise in Hamilton NJ, but they are absolutely killing it. If only it wasn’t so far…or near Trenton.
          • Beers: BCBS / Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout / Avery Samael / Avery BA Vanilla Stout / Lagunitas Hi-Westified BA Stout / Nebraska Sexy Betty / Nebraska Responsibility / Schalfly BA Stout / Two Roads Igor’s Dream / Ribver Horse BA Barleywine / Avery Pump[ky]n / Gonzo Porter / Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti / Great Divide Espresso Yeti / Allagash Avance / New Holland BA Dragon’s Milk
    • Best Dark Beers of the World – 11:00am
      • Via Marconi Pizza Pub (190 Forty Foot Road) – From the events listed so far, this is the one that gets my black, bourbon soaked heart to keep squeezing that blood through my system.
          • Beers: Parabola / Sucaba / KBS / BCBS / World Wide Stout 2014 / Ten Fidy / Stone RIS / Rasputin

    June 11th

    • NJ Only – 11:00am
      • Uno Pizzeria – Hamilton NJ (225 Sloan Ave) – A tour of NJ Beers are one location. Why not.
          • Beers: Kane / Carton / Spellbound / River Horse / Beach Haus / Cape May / Ramstein / New Jersey Beer Co / Rinn Duin / Third Date / Magnify / Demented / Forgotten Board Walk / Double Nickel / Flying Fish / Cricket Hill / Departed Soles
    • All Day Wood – 11:00am
      • Strangelove’s (216 South 11th St) – The list of Strangelove’s events is up, but the draft list is still pending. Chances are this is going to be a quality event.
        • Beers: Wood aged and sour beers
  • IPA Day – 12:00pm
    • Taproom on 19th (2400 South 19th St) – Another so very vague event, but the lack of advertised high profile Philly Beer Week IPAs has forced me into including this hail mary. Not sure if there is a precedent for this event, but could be worth stopping by.
      •  Beers: IPAs of some sort
  • Barrel-Aged and Big Beer – 12:00pm

June 12th

  • Nothing new of note, but most of the events from the 10th and 11th continue.


New Additions

  • All Day Wood –  June 11th- 11:00am
    • Strangelove’s (216 South 11th St) – The list of Strangelove’s is up, but the draft list is still pending. Chances are this is going to be a quality event.
      • Beers: Wood aged and sour beers
  • KBS Draft Vertical ’12-’16 –  June 4th- 12:00pm
  • IPA Draft War –  June 9th- 12:00pm
    • Capone’s (224 E Germantown Pike) – Nothing specifically stellar (Elder?), but sometimes sheer quantity should be celebrated.
      • Beers: Port – Citrus & Piney / Green Flash – Imperial IPA / Alpine – Hoppy Birthday / Alpine – Nelson / Sixpoint – Puff / RR – Blind Pig / RR – Pliny the Elder / Dogfish – Alternate Take / Sierra Nevada – Hoptimum / Great Lakes – Chill Wave / Firestone Walker – Double Jack / Heavy Seas – Double Cannon / Port – Glenn Pain in the Ass / Stone – Delicious / Drakes – Hopocolpyse Blood Orange / Epic – Mosaic / Bear Republic – Mach 10 / Bear Republic – Hop Shovel / Left Coast – Hop Juice / Funk – Citrus / Captain Lawrence – Cutting Glass / Free Will – Kragle / Gigantic IPA / Avery – Maharaja
  • Sour Draft Event –  June 10th- 12:00pm
    • Capone’s (224 E Germantown Pike) – A couple goodies and semi-rare sours here.
      • Beers: RR – Supplication / RR – Consecration / Lost Abbey – Cuvee De Tomme / Lost Abbey – Red Poppy / Boon – Oude Kriek / Bear Republic – Cuvee De Bubba / Goose Island – Halai / Mikkeller – Spotan Watermeleon / Wakefield – Stush Pineapple Habenaro / Wicked Weed – La Bonte Fig / Free Will – Beer Week (When Doves Cry)
  • Bourbon Barrel –  June 11th- 12:00pm
    • Capone’s (224 E Germantown Pike) – Rather less than great, especially for Capone’s. Given the brevity of this list, I’m guessing that there may be a few surprises.
      • Beers: Allagash – Curiex / Deschutes – Abyss / Boaks – Wooden Beanie / Breckenridge 25th – Rum Barrel / Founders – KBS 2016 / Laughing Dog – Dog Father / Flying Dog – Gonzo Barrel Aged / Hoppin Frog – Colorado Whiskey Aged Boris / Port – Older Viscosity 2014

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