Last Week in Untappd – 11/10 – 11/16

The beers of Untappd (drewsbrewsreviews) mostly came from the personal collections of beer enthusiasts this week, so many thanks to the people and their sharing spirit. Sad to say that a portion of this was guzzled during the Green Bay routing of the Eagles, but at least we had a big beer to make that big loss go down easier. We are nearing some major releases and events, so my Untappd is probably going to blow up soon. In the calm before the storm, I’ll be sneaking in some traded Gandhi Bot and maybe a Prairie Bomb. Looking forward to it!

bcbsGoose Island – Bourbon County
Location: DBR Bar
Style: Imperial Stout (Bourbon Aged)
Score: 4.5/5
Original Comment: Why not drown the Eagle sorrows in a vintage 2013 bourbon. Can’t wait to try the 2014 offerings.

Additional Thoughts: Always good to revisit an old friend right before we get to experience its 2014 brethren (and when your team is getting pulverized by the Aaron Rodgers TD machine). Obviously this wasn’t much of a beer review, but I’ve had this beer plenty and didn’t feel like adding much. A year on and the BCBS remained largely unchanged . The sweetness might have bumped up a touch, a dangerous aspect with such a syrupy booze blast of a beer that teetered on medicinal to begin with. Actually two of our group, one a major boozy beer fan, couldn’t handle it. Not for everyone indeed, but it got me pumped for the 2014 Vanilla Rye BCBS.

Sea Hag IPANew England Brewing – Sea Hag IPA
Location: Bar
Style: IPA
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: Dank, toasty orange/citrus, New England ipa aroma. Lite, drinkable body, slightly skunky and dry fin. Session able and tasty.

Additional Thoughts: This was quite good and a great precursor for the Gandhi Bot (New England’s DIPA) that is to come. I find my IPA love to be migrating up the East Coast on its way to winter at Martha’s Vineyard. The full grain bodied, toasty, orange juicy, dank IPAs that come out of the colonies are pretty spectacular. If I hadn’t had a series of great New England-y IPAs recently, I probably would have scored it a bit higher. Solid offering.

Akari ShogunHalf Acre – Akari Shogun
Location: Bar
Style: Pale Ale
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: Dank, musty wheat, slight skunky hop aroma, drinkable session type beer with some body and a grain finish. Simple and delicious

Additional Thoughts: The wheat body gives this session level beer some mouth feel, but doesn’t have much of a flavor profile beyond its humble pale wheat stylings. This beer isn’t brewed to be complex, but a sessionable summer that would be great chilling next to the pool that I don’t have. Nice reminder of warmer times while we suffer through a cold spell not likely to snap soon.

Kettle WorksColumbia Kettle Works – Amarillo Rye (Habanero Pickle)
Location: Columbia Kettle Works Brew Pub
Style: Rye-PA
Score: 3.5/5
Original Comment: This entry is a bit of a stretch as I didn’t Untapp it (no listing) and the picture doesn’t even include it, but it was unique enough that I had to mention it. An impromptu visit to the brewery in a converted post office in downtown Columbia, PA lead to us taking an existing drink item, the Hot Blonde which has a thick slice of habanero pickle added to their blonde, and substituting the Amarillo Rye. It worked quite well, adding a salty heat to a nicely balanced Rye IPA. We tried it with the new Kettleface IPA as well, but it wasn’t quite as successful. I suggested doing something similar with a grassy/resin IPA to lure Habanero Sculpin lovers, so there may be a new menu item soon…

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