Beer Fact of the Day! – Grand Cru

564_263If there is one take away from this entry, it should be this: Grand Cru is NOT a style of beer. Repeat, NOT a beer style. Like many beer terms, Grand Cru was taken from another industry, in this case the world of wine, and reappropriated for beer.

In wine terms, Grand Cru was a title bestowed to a vineyard that produced high quality wines and directly translates to “Great Growth.” In beer terms, a Grand Cru beer, such as AleSmith’s Grand Cru, is a “specialty” beer from the brewer. That’s it. They can be as readily available and mass produced as any other beer from that brewer, but are usually limited in some way. Grand Cru’s tend to be Belgian Dark Ales or Flemish Sours, but any style can be designated as a Grand Cru.

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