Episode 7 – Hopslam (2014)

Episode 7 of Drew’s Brews Reviews is here! The beer review show you never knew you wanted and no one needs. I get hop-slammed in this episode and take on one of the most popular beers for casual and hardcore beer drinkers alike. I had this last year on draft and bottle and it quickly became one of my favorite IPAs. A year later and a few hundred more beers under my belt and in the fatty tissue of my gut, I dive in to see if you can indeed go home again.

Bonus Note: I tried a different angle this time and if you have eyes, you can see it didn’t really work. So apologizes for the terrible lighting and the pour in the dark. I’ll be going back to my regular shooting position until I get some better lighting. If you watch this with someone that doesn’t have eyes, please reassure them that it looks gorgeous.

Theme Song: Sonny J — Enfant Terrible

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