Tired Hands Cans Releasing Today – 1/7/16

Tired HandsLocal Ardmore brewing gem, Tired Hands, is entering the 16oz canned IPA game today with the release of HopHands, their house pale, and Alien Church, an IPA I recently gave a rather positive review. Both are available at the Fermenteria starting today (1/7/16) for $14 a four pack (HopHands) and $16 a four pack (Alien Church).

Customers can buy up to a case of each (that’s $84 and $96 a case respectively for those that don’t like them math numbers.) This is sure to be a hot item, especially in the secondary beer trade market, so head down prior to the 4:20pm launch to secure yours.

Tired Hands Brewing – Alien Church Review

Forgot to take one, so stock photo

All You Need to Know

Brewery: Tired Hands Brewing
Style: Oat IPA
ABV: 6.5%
My Cost: $6 (draft)
Glassware: Pint
Temp: 50°F
Availability: Varies
Purchased@: The Fridge

Quick Take: For me, Alien Church really captures the essence of Tired Hands IPAs in a simple, very drinkable form. This isn’t the best IPA they do, but it’s the perfect starting place to get a sense of what their beer is about. It’s on the upper end of sessionable, but a growler of this is sure to make any IPA drinker’s day.

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