Great Divide Brewing – (Whiskey) Barrel-Aged Yeti Review

IMG_2202All You Need to Know

Brewery: Great Divide Brewing
Style: BA Imperial Stout
ABV: 12.5%
My Cost: $29 (!)
Glassware: Snifter
Temp: 60°F
Availability: Seasonal (Sept)
Purchased@: Friendly Greek

Quick Take: Easily the best beer I’ve had to date from Great Divide and I regularly enjoy their offerings. On just about every level, this beer does huge, chocolate stouts right. It is also one of the few beers I simultaneously consider overpriced and worth it. BA Yeti is on the sweeter side with no dark fruit or savory layers to give it added depth, but it is as close to a perfect BA Imperial Chocolate Stout that I’ve ever come across.

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Tired Hands Brewing – Alien Church Review

Forgot to take one, so stock photo

All You Need to Know

Brewery: Tired Hands Brewing
Style: Oat IPA
ABV: 6.5%
My Cost: $6 (draft)
Glassware: Pint
Temp: 50°F
Availability: Varies
Purchased@: The Fridge

Quick Take: For me, Alien Church really captures the essence of Tired Hands IPAs in a simple, very drinkable form. This isn’t the best IPA they do, but it’s the perfect starting place to get a sense of what their beer is about. It’s on the upper end of sessionable, but a growler of this is sure to make any IPA drinker’s day.

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Allagash Brewing – Cuvee d’Industrial Review

Cuvee D'IndustrialAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Allagash Brewing Co.
Style: Wild Ale
ABV: 7.5%
My Cost: $25 (12.7oz)
Actual Cost: $12.99 (12.7oz)
Glassware: Flute, Tulip
Temp: 45-50°F
Availability: One Off
Purchased@: Good Dog Bar

Quick Take: This is a wine drinker’s beer. A gap filler to build the bridge between grape and hop, possibly bringing the non-tart beer drinkers into the fold as well. A contender and probable victor of my favorite Allagash beer ever. There really isn’t much else to say other than buy it on sight.

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A Visit to Forest & Main Brewery

IMG_2066My partner in beer got it in his head that a brewery trip was in order. When the calling comes, and it comes for all of us (sometimes a few times a week), it can’t be denied.   It also so happened that my ever so kindly wife gave me a weekend on my own to do as I will. Her canonization to sainthood should be coming through any day now.

This expedition would take us an hour and a half from the horse-powered breweries of Lancaster to the quaint Forest & Main Brewery, nestled between the residential and retail buildings on Main Street of Ambler, PA.

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Tree House Brewing – Julius Review

IMG_1718All You Need to Know

Brewery: Tree House Brewing Co.
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.8%
My Cost: Trade
Actual Cost: $3.75 (can)
Glassware: Pint, Mug
Temp: 50°F
Availability: Varies
Purchased@: Brewery Only (bottle/can)

Quick Take: Julius was initially a disappointment for me, but on reflection I think it was in some part a victim of my expectations. That said, a little warmth goes a long way and Julius ultimately won me over when it loosened up. Balanced and drinkable on a near sessionable level, a lovely beer that deserves admiration, even if it isn’t quite beer julius.

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